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30% Discount for Foreign Citizens with Residence Permit in Turkey

Valid Routes:

  • Bodrum -> Kos / Discount Code : TRKOS30
  • Fethiye -> Rhodes / Discount Code : TRRHO30

Note : Do not forget to write your Residence ID number in the note field during ticket purchase.


- Only foreign citizens with a residence permit in Turkey can benefit from the campaign.
- The customer has to show his/her residence ID at check-in.
- When a person without a residence permit buys a discount ticket, the difference is charged at the port.
- Prices do not include port taxes.
- The campaign is valid between 01.05.2023 and 31.10.2023.
- e-Ferry.gr reserves the right to change all of the campaign conditions and/or stop the campaign.

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30% Discount for Foreign Citizens with Residence Permit in Turkey | Ferry Ticket | Fethiye Rhodes Ferry | Bodrum Kos Ferry | e-Ferry.gr

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