Fast Catamaran

About DSC Ibiscus
Was built by FJELSTRAND – Norway and it is a state of the art Catamaran and combines the latest Technology and Seakeeping to ensure Safety – Speed and Comfort .
Built: 1986, Fjellstrand AS, Omastrand, Norway
PoR: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Depth moulded: 4.02 mDraft2.23 m
DWT: 400 tonnes
GRT: 367NRT124
Main engines: 2 x MTU 16V 396 TB 63 (1310 KW @ 1650 rpm) (1540 BHP @ 1940 rpm)


Fast Catamaran

About DSC Rodon
Our Fast Catamaran RODON is a twin deck Catamaran with able space and extra promenade deck built in 1992 by MARINE TECHNIC – SWEDEN Its Length is 35 meters and has a passenger capacity of 290 Passengers Powered by MTU Engines 2 x 1800 KW and equipped with Water Jets offers a cruising speed of 30 Knots while its special design gives a unique comfort.

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